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Explore Our Courses for Spring 2023!


The core of our department is built on our regular and flexible offering of nine languages. German and Russian offer the first year online and in-person, while all of our other languages are available entirely online. 

Learn German

Berlin Skyline with Museum Island and the Spree River

GERM 104 and 108

Elementary German I and II

Online or Hybrid!
Brandenburger Tor in Berlin

GERM 201 and 202

Intermediate German I and II

Pop Art of German Monuments

GERM 302

High Intermediate German II

Instructor: Andrea Meyertholen

Master Deutsch

Globe with Maps

GERM 362

German & Germany in Global Business Culture

Instructor: Ljudmila Bilkic
Roman eines einfachen Mannes

GERM 475

Exile & Utopia in German Imagination

Instructor: Ari Linden
Map of countries that speak German offically today: Belgium, luxemberg, germany, austria, liechtenstein, and switzerland.

GERM 580

Senior Capstone: German Speaking Europe Today

Instructor: Ari Linden

Pursue Russian

Matryoshka Doll

RUSS 104/150 and 108/152

Elementary Russian I and II

Hybrid or Online
St. Andrews Church in Kyiv, Ukraine

RUSS 204

Intermediate Russian I

Hybrid Synchronous
The Baiterek Tower in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

RUSS 504/512

Advanced Russian I
Russian for the Professions I


Explore a Slavic Language

Ljubljana Castle

SLAV 101

Introduction to Slovene

Instructor: Marta Pirnat-Greenberg
Serbian Coffee

BCRS 108

Elementary Bosnian/Croatian/

Instructor: Marta Pirnat-Greenberg
Prauge, Czechia

CZCH 108

Elementary Czech II

Instructor: Svetlana Vassileva-Karagyozova
Pysanky Eggs

UKRA 104 and 108

Elementary Ukrainian I and II

Instructor: Oleksandra Wallo

Invest in a Eurasian Language

the Azadi Tower in Tehran, Iran

PERS Online

Elementary Persian I and II
Intermediate Persian I and II

Instructor: Razi Ahmad
Library of Celsus in Selcuk, Turkey

TURK 108

Elementary Turkish II

Instructor: Esra Predolac

Culture, Media, and Lives

Humans are far more than than the language that they speak. Take a course, taught in English, that dives into the literatures, arts, films, cultures, religion, and daily lives of the people who live in Germany, Eastern Europe, Eurasia, their diasporas, and beyond.

Myths and Monsters

Illustration of Cinderella

GERM 145

Fairy Tales: Grimm, Disney, and Beyond

Instructor: Andrea Meyertholen
Bogatyri by V.M. Vasnetsov

SLAV 148

Introduction to Slavic Folklore

Instructor: Renee Perelmutter
Poster for Posterazzi the Vampire by John Beal Coleen Grary

SLAV 230

The Vampire in Literature, Film, and Television

Instructor: Ani Kokobobo

Human Lives

United Nations Building with member flags

PCS 120

Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies

Instructor: Razi Ahmad
lawrence turnerhall

GERM 336

The German Transatlantic Experience

Instructor: Marike Janzen

Russia and Eastern Europe

People in front of a russian government building

SLAV 140 | REES 110/310

Understanding Russia and Eastern Europe

Instructor: Vitaly Chernetsky
Iconic Russian Books

SLAV 144

Survey of Russian Literature in Translation

Instructor: Ani Kokobobo
Moscow Business Center

SLAV 330

Russian Business Culture

Instructor: Zakhar Ishov
Napoleon in burning moscow by albrecht adam 1841

SLAV 370

War and Violence Russian Literature and Film

Instructor: Razi Ahmad

Language and the Arts

arrows pointing towards each other

SLAV 250 and GERM 240

Introduction to Translation and Translation Theory

Instructor: Stephen Dickey
Maus from the comic Maus

SLAV 320

Graphic Novels as Memory

Instructor: Svetlana Vassileva-Karagyozova
Poster for Battleship Potemkin, 1925

SLAV 322

Soviet and Post-Soviet Russian Cinema

Instructor: Olga Kyrylova
South Slavic Fruit Market

SLAV 340

Language Landscape of Eastern Europe

Instructor: Marc L. Greenberg

500 and Above

These classes give a deeper dive into the cultures and languages of our department. These courses are meant for advanced undergraduates with some familiarity to the topic or graduate students. This is a great opportunity to work closely with a professor on a special project or interest.

Literature and Society

Hagia Sofia at Night

GIST 535/750

Literature & Society in the Contemporary Middle East

Instructor: Razi Ahmad
Asynchronous Online
Leo Tolstoy

SLAV 534


Instructor: Ani Kokobobo
Napoleon in buring moscow by Albrecht Adam, 1841

SLAV 570

War & Violence in Russian Literature and Film

Instructor: Razi Ahmad

Life in Eastern Europe

screencap from Closely Watched Trains of a man and a woman leaning in for a kiss

SLAV 516

Film Adaption of Polish and Czech Literature

Instructor: Svetlana Vassileva-Karagyozova
Online Synchronous
degrading Lenin Statue

SLAV 503

Post-Soviet Communication

Instructor: Zakhar Ishov
Asynchronous Online
Mural of Mother Ukraine

SLAV 379/679

Contemporary Ukraine

Instructor: Vitaly Chernetsky

Language and Linguistics

German Text

GERM 100

German Reading Course

Instructor: Stephen Dickey
Ethnographic Map of the Russian Empire, 1914

SLAV 540

Language and Identity Eastern Central Europe and the Former Soviet Union

Instructor: Marc L. Greenberg
Prot-Indo-European Language Tree focused on the Slavic Branch

SLAV 679/710

Intro to Slavic Language and Linguistics

Instructor: Marc L. Greenberg