Prerequisites to Admission

Students interested in pursuing graduate study in Slavic Languages & Literatures should meet the following prerequisites:

  • Meet all requirements set by the Graduate School for admission to graduate study as outlined in the KU Graduate Catalog; including a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution;
  • Complete the equivalent of 30 credit hours in Russian language and literature at the college level, 10-12 credits of which must be completed at the junior-senior level (or be able to test out at that level). In some cases, 30 credit hours of Polish, B/C/M/S, or Slovene may also be considered for work toward a graduate degree in those languages.
  • Be prepared to submit GRE scores no older than five years (for applicants from American institutions);
  • Be prepared to submit recent TOEFL scores (for applicants from foreign institutions; see KU's Minimum English Proficiency Requirements

For students who do not meet prerequisites:

Students who have studied in appropriate fields and/or gained appropriate in-country experience with language skills, but who lack sufficient prerequisites, may consider applying to KU Graduate Studies and the Department as non-degree-seeking (NDS) students in order to make up any gaps in academic study. After meeting the prerequisites with a 3.0 GPA or better, NDS students may apply for admission to SELL graduate degree programs.

Consult with the Department's Director of Graduate Studies before beginning any remedial work.