RUSS 104 and 108: Elementary Russian

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Knowing Russian unlocks unique career opportunities in fields like Business, Science, Technology, Cyber Security, Politics, Literature, and the arts.

Russian is spoken by upwards of 250 million people around the world, making it one of the top ten most spoken languages. Learning Russian is not only important for the study of Russia, but those countries around and affected by it such as Kazakhstan, Belarus, and Ukraine. Russian has been taught at KU for more than 50 years by national experts, who have created specialized curriculum, including our own open resource textbook.

  • If you’re new to Russian, consider RUSS 104/105. For those with previous course work, consider RUSS 108/109.
  • Become a part of our Russian Program and connect with your peers, faculty and instructors.
  • Russian courses are now hybridized and meets in person four times a week. Or take it completely online!
  • Explore our Study Abroad destinations in Russian-speaking countries, like Kazakhstan!
  • Take advantage of free online resources, digital textbooks, and immersive curriculum.