Non-Degree Seeking

Non-KU students

If you are not affiliated with the University of Kansas, but wish to enroll in courses offered by the department, we would love to have you. Most of our languages have been specially created with the intent to be taught online to spread the knowledge of less commonly taught languages. To enroll, please see the "Nondegree-seeking students" tab on the KU Admissions Application Page. If you have questions about the application process and enrolling, please reach out to KU Admissions. Questions about the individual courses can be directed to the instructor of that course. 

Graduate Level Courses

If you completed a Bachelor’s degree and wish to take a course in the department, please note that undergraduate prerequisite course completion may be necessary to succeed in graduate-level courses.  Address your preparedness and motivation for taking coursework in the Department of Slavic, German, and Eurasian Studies in your statement of purpose.  If you intend to enroll in language coursework, please contact the Director of Graduate Studies so we may determine your language placement level.