College Advisors

Aley Pennington
  • Graduate Academic Advisor
  • Slavic, German, and Eurasian Studies
  • East Asian Languages & Cultures
  • French, Francophone, and Italian Studies
  • Spanish & Portuguese; Philosophy; Classics

Director of Undergraduate Studies

Ari Linden
  • Associate Professor
  • Director of Undergraduate Studies
  • German Jewish thought and literature | The Frankfurt School and Critical Theory | 20th c. German and Austrian literary and visual culture | Literatures and philosophies of exile | Theories of comedy and satire

Director of Graduate Studies

Advisor for the Peace and Conflict Studies Minor

Lara Giordano
  • Lecturer
  • Advisor for Peace and Conflict Studies Minor
  • 19th and 20th c. German Philosophy | Marxism and Post-Marxist Thought | Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art & Film | Philosophy and Psychoanalysis

Language Coordinators

Ljudmila Bilkic
  • Assistant Teaching Professor
  • Coordinator, German Language Proficiency Sequence
  • German New Media and Cinema | Refugees and Migrants | Contemporary Globalization

Esra Predolac
  • Multi-Term Lecturer
  • Language Coordinator, Turkish
  • Assistant Director CREES
  • Syntax and its interfaces | Clausal complements | Nominalizations | Embedded root phenomena | Extraposition | Second Language Acquisition