Dr. Ljudmila Bilkić

Ljudmila Bilkic
  • Assistant Teaching Professor
  • Coordinator, German Language Proficiency Sequence
  • German New Media and Cinema | Refugees and Migrants | Contemporary Globalization

Contact Info

Wescoe Hall, Room 2071
1445 Jayhawk Blvd.
Lawrence, KS 66045


Dr. Bilkić’s research focuses on how the moving image, specifically film essays and digital-based installations, engage with constructed notions of migration.  She is currently working on a manuscript that explores hyper-visuality, refugee camps, and networks of migrant communities as the new logic in contemporary globalization.


Dr. Bilkić loves being in the classroom, not only to teach the intricacies of German language, literature, and film, but especially to engage interdisciplinary as well as interchronological connections which allow students to view their current times in the context of a larger global narrative. She particularly enjoys teaching German New Media, German Cinema, literary analysis, and German for the professions.