Independence Monument, Kyiv, Ukraine

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The Department of Slavic, German, and Eurasian Studies offers a full array of language, culture, literature, and linguistics courses for students interested in 10+ languages. Beyond our BA programs and study abroad opportunities, we offer Masters and Doctorate degrees in Slavic linguistics and literary studies, as well as a minor in Peace and Conflict Studies.

Russian Online for High School Students

Interested high school students can also sign up for a one-year, grant-funded introductory college level Russian sequence taught online through KU for to take free of charge. This program is funded thanks to the U.S. Russian Foundation
Statue of sibyl reclining on a sphinx and reading the book of history in Berlin, Germany. This statue located in the Bismarck Memorial in Tiergarten.

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Book Explains How Ukrainian Women Writers Gained Public Voice

LAWRENCE – Centuries of ongoing Russian repression of its neighbor, Ukraine, was the backdrop to headlines just weeks ago, during the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

Expert Sees Russian Hand in Montenegro Conflict

What’s heating up the Balkans? And what do street protests over church property in Montenegro have to do with Russia’s strategic military aims?

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