SLAV 305: Language, Gender, and Sexuality

people representing different genders

How does language inform our identity?

Instructor: Renee Perelmutter

Lecture | MW 01:00 - 01:50 PM | MAL 2001
Discussions | F 10, 11, 1 | WES 4075

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How do people express gender in diverse languages around the world? In a globalized world in which English is increasingly prominent, how are other languages changing to account for both global and local shifts in gender norms and expectations? This course will examine basic concepts in language and gender, with a focus on multilingualism and globalization using approaches of sociolinguistics, linguistic anthropology, and communication studies. We will explore such topics as gender, sexuality, and multilingualism; gendered language variants; gender norms, politeness, and globalization; non-binary and trans identities encoded in languages around the world, including but not limited to gender pronouns; identity, body, and linguistic practices; and considerations of power, hegemony, and colonialism.