Dr. Stephen M. Dickey

Stephen Dickey
  • Professor
  • Slavic verbal aspect | Cognitive Linguistics | Russian Functional Grammar | South Slavic Culture and Literature

Contact Info

Wescoe Hall, room 2133


Ph.D. in Slavic Linguistics, Indiana University, 1997


Research interests:

  • Slavic verbal aspect
  • Cognitive linguistics


Teaching interests:

  • Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian Language
  • Structure of Russian and Russian Functional Grammar
  • South Slavic Culture and Literature
  • Ottoman Bosnia

Selected Publications

2020 article: “Time Out of Tense: Russian Aspect in the Imperative.” Journal of Linguistics 56(3): 541–576.

2019 article: “Subjectivity, Intersubjectivity, and the Aspect of Imperatives in Slavic Languages.” Adeline Patasrd, Rea Peltola, and Emmanuelle Roussel, eds. Cross Linguistic Perspectives on the Semantics of Grammatical Aspect. Leiden: Brill/Rodopi, 129–175.

2018 article: “On the History of Prefixed Imperfective Motion Verbs in Slavic.” Stephen M. Dickey and Mark Richard Lauersdorf, eds. V zeleni drželi zeleni breg: Studies in Honor of Marc L. Greenberg. Bloomington, IN: Slavica, 37–56. 

2018 article: “The Collapse of the Common Slavic Tense System as a Catastrophe in the Development of the Slavic Aspectual Category.” Christina Y. Bethin, ed. American Contributions to the 16th International Congress of Slavists, Belgrade 2018. Volume 1: Linguistics. Bloomington, IN: Slavica, 67–86.

2018 article: “Prefixation in the Rise of Slavic Aspect,” Rosanna Benacchio, et al. eds. The Role of Prefixes in the Formation of Aspect and Related Categories. Problems of Grammaticalization. Florence: Firenze University Press, 85–102. 

2018 article: “Thoughts on the ‘Typology of Slavic Aspect’.” Russian Linguistics 42(1): 1–35.

2017 article: “Unauxiliated Predicates in Meša Selimović’s Death and the Dervish.” Anastasia Makarova, Stephen M. Dickey and Dagmar Divjak, eds. Each Venture a New Beginning. Studies in Honor of Laura A. Janda. Bloomington, IN: Slavica Publishers, 229–40.

2016 article: “Lexical and Grammatical Aspect.” Nick Riemer, ed. Routledge Handbook of Semantics. London: Routledge, 338–353.

2015 article: “On the Aspectual Development of Performatives in Slavic.” Zeitschrift für slavische Philologie 71(2): 248–303.

2015 article: “Slavic Aspectual Prefixes and Numeral Classifiers: Two Kinds of Lexico-Grammatical Unitizers.” Lingua 168: 57–84. (Coauthored with Laura A. Janda.)

2014 article: “On the Origin of Slavic Prefixed Imperfective Motion Verbs.” Scando-Slavica 60(2): 159–171.

2013 article: "See, Now They Vanish: Third-Person Perfect Auxiliaries in Old and Middle Czech.” Journal of Slavic Linguistics. 21(1): 77–121.

2012 article: "Orphan Prefixes and the Grammaticalization of Aspect in South Slavic," Jezikoslovlje 13(1): 71-105.

Editorial work

Editorial Board Member, Journal of Slavic Linguistics, June 2018–date

Editorial Board Member, Contrastive Linguistics (Съпоставително езикознание), December 2015–date

Grants & Other Funded Activity

External: Centre for Advanced Study (Oslo, Norway), Fulbright-Hays

Internal: NFGRF Summer Research