UKRA 104 and 108: Elementary Ukrainian

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Instructor: Oleksandra Wallo


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Work at your own pace MTWR, meet as a class via Zoom on F to practice speaking. Course uses a free web-based resource for learning basic Ukrainian grammar, Dobra forma, developed by the course instructor, Dr. Oleksandra Wallo.

Learn Ukrainian and explore contemporary Ukrainian culture & society to become more competitive for jobs that require expertise in Eastern Europe. After a year of Ukrainian, you can also go on KU’s six-week summer study abroad program in Lviv, Ukraine!


UKRA 108 is the second semester of first-year Ukrainian. If you are a heritage speaker of Ukrainian or an advanced speaker of Russian, or if you have had some Ukrainian in the past, UKRA 108 may be an excellent fit! Please email Dr. Wallo to consult about placing into this course.